Paleoindian Database of the Americas
By David G. Anderson and Michael K. Faught

The information posted on this web site replaces and represents a marked expansion of our earlier North American Paleoindian Projectile Point Database (Anderson 1990; Anderson and Faught 1998, 2000; Faught et al. 1994). That database provided summary data on the occurrence of Paleoindian projectile points by state and county within the United States. On this web site we will be posting a much wider range of information on the early occupants from all across the Americas. The data to be posted will include drawings, photographs, and attribute and distributional data for specific kinds of artifacts, as well as radiocarbon dates, references, and web links. We encourage our colleagues to submit information they would like to see posted.

The posted data has been compiled from publications and from a number of research projects, who are explicitly acknowledged and referenced. At present summary distributional data on just over 13,000 Paleoindian projectile points has been compiled, together with measurement data on several thousand Paleoindian tools, mostly fluted or unfluted projectile points, blades, and other tool types. Artifact data are posted by the locality where they were found, typically by country and/or internal political subdivisions as necessary to make locating information easy.

This web site is a work in progress, and we plan to expand the content markedly in the weeks, months, and years to come. The more information compiled, the more useful the contents. Database development represents a cooperative effort between many people. We thank all those who have participated, and welcome and encourage comments.
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The Paleoindian Database of the Americas

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