The Paleoindian Database of the Americas



Contributors of Primary Data

We wish to thank the many individuals at the state and local levels who have sent us primary data down through the years. They include Daniel S. Amick, Tyler Bastian, Jonathan E. Bowen, Mark J. Brooks, David S. Brose, John B. Broster, Leslie B. Davis, B. D. Dillon, James S. Dunbar, Jon Erlandson, James P. Fenton, Eugene Futato, William M. Gardner, J. Christopher Gillam, Robert S. Grumet, Daniel K. Higginbottom, Jack L. Hofman, John D. Holland, Wm Jack Hranicky, Bruce B. Huckell, Michael F. Johnson, Brad Koldehoff, Jerald Ledbetter, Bradley T. Lepper, Phil LeTourneau, Martin Magne, Juliet E. Morrow, Dan F. Morse, Mark Norton, Lisa D. O’Steen, Olaf Prufer, Philip "Duke" Rivet, Arthur E. Spiess, Kenneth B. Tankersley, Gene L. Titmus, William Topping, Robert G. Whitlam, James C. Woods, Sam McGahey, David J. Meltzer, Amanda Taylor, and Henry T. Wright. We apologize for anyone we have missed.

John Broster and Mark Norton of the Tennessee Division of Archaeology recently provided recording forms on over 4000 Paleoindian projectile points from Tennessee. This data is now being entered, and will be posted in the near future. This kind of contribution is exactly what we are looking for, and will help ensure that this web site becomes a valuable resource for Paleoindian researchers around the world. Our sincere thanks to Mark and John.

Those who contributed to data entry, image scanning, etc:

Jon Baker,Clay Berry,Jim Borland,Sarah Dees,Elijah Ellerbusch,Mark Finchum,Jonathan Green,Tonya Jones,Rochelle McEntire,Kyle Schlacter,Carey Schwartz,Brandon Smith, and Holly Wilson.

If you have contributed and have not been acknowledged, please email the webmaster and we'll place your name on here as soon as possible.