The Paleoindian Database of the Americas



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Clovis Blade Technology (Collins 1999)

Gault Folsom Measures (Lassen 2009)

Folsom Distribution (Largent 1991)

Lake Theo Site (Buchanan 2002)

Shifting Sands (Hofman 1990)

San Patrice (Jennings 2007)

Yellow Hawk Site (Mallouf 1989)

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Shaded Relief Map
Black and White County Map
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Landform Atlas of the United States
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U.S. Census Bureau)
Links References

The Center for the Study of the First Americans

Lubbock Lake (A Folsom site in Texas)

The Pavo Real Paleoindian Site

Texas Archaeological Research Labratory

Texas Archaeological Research Labratory > The Gault Site

TxDOT Publications - Environmental Affairs Division


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